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Title: Like a kid in a candystore
Rating: PG-13 for sexual reference
Disclaimer: Belongs to Oda Eiichiro
Pairing: Luffyxfood
Summary: This is an idea of what kind of wetdreams Luffy has.
Author: Yasuko_latexcat

The crew looked around. They could not believe their eyes: chocolate rivers, meat trees, giant cakes… This island had a strange taste to it.

Nami’s jaw dropped as she looked at lollipop flowers. “What in the world…Is this place?”

Robin smiled. “In all my life, I would not dream of find this legendary site…”

Sanji’s eyes widened. “Do you actually know what this food infested Island is, Robin?”

“It’s Cocagne Island: the land of milk and honey. It used to be a myth, but it is said that anyone who finds it will be well feed for the rest of his life.”

Zoro smirked. “Yeah, that is something Luffy sure would be happy for.”

“Huh, guys?”

The others responded. “What is it, Ussop?”

“Speaking of Luffy, do you know where he is now?”

They noticed Luffy’s absence. “Crud…”

Chopper frowned in embarrassment. “Oh dear, he will think that this is really One Piece.”


His eyes sparkled. Like a kid in a candy store, Luffy could not believe the vast abundance of the surroundings.

He looked around the area. “Decisions, decisions… What should I taste first?”

A small pipe coming out of a sugar rock gained his attention. The pipe constantly poured some kind of white substance. After licking it with his fingers, a sweet taste of vanilla and butter covered his mouth from the cream. Eagerly, he pressed his lips against the pipe’s opening to swallow the creamy nectar.

This tastes just like a birthday cake I would had when I was a kid, he thought.

Minutes later, he thought that the sugary cream started to hurt his teeth and he wanted to try something else instead, but just then, he looked at the corner of his eyes and saw a huge plate of fried rice which appeared out of nowhere.

He rushed down to the plate and started to gobble up that sticky and salty brown stuff. “This rice is even better than Sanji’s! I think I finally went to my own heaven! Thank you spirits whom guard this fantasy palace for my mouth!”

The pile of rice finally gone, Luffy looked as if he bear triplets.

He continued his personal quest as he walked on the chocolate chip sand dunes. The rubber man unbuttoned the rest of his shirt since his belly was definitively showing out.

“I know the others would scold me from making a pig out of myself… But I just can't resist! It’s the best food I’ve ever ate, and I will not let anything to get me in the way of my fun!”

He then smelled a sweet savory smell familiar to him.


Luffy had found a flock of meat trees of many kind. Pork, beef, chicken, you name it. He shaken the trees to make them drop their precious fruits. Between each bite, he thanked again and again for the providers of this magical bounty and giggled every time he saw his ballooning stomach as if he does something taboo.

After taking a sip for the fruit juice lake, he rubbed his belly with satisfaction. “Wow! This feast is even better than the time when we had that party at Whiskey Peak!”

His belly still felt not full enough to his preference.

By chance, the young captain spotted a gigantic marshmallow which suddenly appeared in front of him. He swallowed it whole in just seconds.

Luffy unbuttoned his pants to relieve some pressure from the strain it caused. He laid on his back, contemplating his ludicrously enlarged stomach he now possessed .

He felt tired, but he felt serene at the same time.

Slowly, he drifted off to sleep.


“Food… Food…”

Zoro’s voice had gotten heard. “Luffy, wake up. You're talking in your sleep again.”

Luffy’s eyes opened as he sees himself in his bed. He had to face reality: the feast he had only existed as a pseudo wet dream. Until…

Sanji laughed. “Is it just me, Zoro, or Luffy had a visit from the belly fairy?”

The rubber man’s eyes widened when he saw his belly slightly fatter than usual. “Where the heck this came from?!”

He suddenly burped up a feather.

Zoro toke the feather. “Yeah, I got an idea on how that happened.”

Luffy then finally realized that he actually ate his pillow during his sleep.


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***Stuffed luffy is love***
brought to you byyasuko_latexcat


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