Kitty (rab_rumrunner) wrote in onepiececrack,

well, isn't this a bit disturbing

Hello all. I come bearing gifts!

Word Title: Because sometimes, we all feel unloved and underappreciated
Word Count: 74
Rating: G
Pairing: Chopper/crackpairing!

Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece. I am a poor college student who probably is going to get poorer

Smooth enough to leave your hands with that slippery, cool feeling generated when digits were run over it. A distictive, yet not unwelcome scent that lingered even after one had been left alone in the room. The ability to always have something new to teach and show. And most importantly, always willing to give it's complete attention. Yes, this was love! This was appreciation!

"Zoro," Nami asked, "Why is chopper cradling a medical textbook?"

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