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One Piece Crackfic

Your head asplode. Luffy gains 3000 meat.

One Piece Crackfic Community
Posting Access:
All Members , Moderated
As is fairly self-explanatory from the title of the community, this is a place for One Piece crackfic. Stupid concept, silly concept, a marine named Steve Irwin being the one who dragged Sir Crocodile into prison (RIP Steve)--if you write it and others would laugh at it, bring it here.

What May Posted:
To quote the Fanfiction Glossary's excellent definition of crackfic, "A fanfic whose concept is so out there, one wonders what the author was snorting when they wrote. Sometimes deliberate, sometimes just WTF?" Serious themes are permitted, but it must make you go, "The hell?" at least once. Crackart is also welcome.

What May Not Be Posted:
~Randomfics. Random =/= funny.
~Suga-high!!!1! fics, for much the same reasons.

Go forth and write that Hatchi tentacle sex fic you've had lurking in the back of your head like some sort of fandom cockroach. When we laugh, we'll be laughing with you, not at you.